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Our Coalition is open to any provider (non-physical-line operators) that complete the board's permission with a registration form and pays member dues annually. Any organization involved in the development, delivery, or use of the Internet communications products and services should strongly consider joining.

How to join (Procedure to join)

  1. Download the application form and fill it.

  2. Email to JUSA secretariat

  3. JUSA Board will judge/approve your application

  4. JUSA will notify the result

  5. Pay admission fee and first annual dues for JUSA based on Invoice

  6. You are our member!

Annual Dues

Admission fee and Annual due will be determined based on Annual income as following table.

(Unit; JPY), The US dollar based payments is available based on JUSA's policy. (Unit: JPY)

Annual dues of new fiscal year will be started from every April due to our fiscal year is started at 1st April.

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