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JUSA’s Standardization Activities

The JUSA, Japan Unified Communications service provider Association is making unified communication business field easy through effective standardization related with regulatory and law in the Telecom field. Our standards are used by Cloud voice and other messaging providers on their Government application processes, to GTM and evolving business in Japan. These are harmonized solution discussed with JUSA members and Government regulatory authorities, MIC (Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications) and NPA (National Police Agency, A Criminal investigation authorities), and some other organizations. Some Standard are limited to use only for JUSA members.

JUSA Standard; Standard notification Tone 

Revised Japanese Telecom business law (2019) has obligated providers to notify for called/caller party if they use the calling (incl. cloud PBX) services through the Internet as non-quality-guaranteed network. Operators must get government's approval to use telephone numbers with the indication measure prior to launch services. The JUSA standard has standardized to comply with the regulatory requirement, and providers who use our standard tone indicate as prime provider for national police authority because this is one of our anti-fraud activities engaged with Government. This standard tone is permitted to use only JUSA members for distinguish prime provider or not. The JUSA is discussing with Government possibility of advantage program using this tone furthermore. 

The tone is designed short to insert it head of media path, right after the RBT is finished. Confirm sample sound below;

Sample sound flow

1) RBT

2) The JUSA Standard indication tone ("Pu Pu" sound in short duration right after RBT)

3) Customer's talking (in Japanese)

00:00 / 00:07

Approved Operators

The JUSA Standard Indication tone is approved for use with below operators and services. This is shared with each region polices through the National Police Agency. 

  • Mahoroba-Kobo Inc. - Jim-den

  • Mahoroba-Kobo Inc. - Ea-den

  • Santsuu Telecom service Inc. - Clo-Call PBX

  • Santsuu Telecom service Inc. - Clo-Call SIP-Trunk

  • Santsuu Telecom service Inc. - Clo-Call CTI

  • Dialpad Japan Inc. -  Dialpad

  • Twilio Japan G.K. - Twilio Voice Service

  • JMS United - Infinitalk

  • Intermedia Technologies Company Ltd - UNIVERGE BLUE

  • ​ZVC - Zoom Phone

  • Prodilight - INNOVERA PBX

  • Prodilight - INNOVERA Outbound

  • AdjustOne - Officeline Couldphone biz

  • Denphone - DenCloud

  • Denphone - SIP Trunking Service

  • Coollabos - COLLABOS PHONE

  • KRONOS - T-Macss

JUSA Standard; Standard order form 

Revised Hanshu-ho (Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, in Japan) has some strict obligations for the KYC and confirmation operations for Cloud-PBX and Unified communication providers. These regal requirements are complicated and difficult to understand even for Japanese.

JUSA standard form has complied with the law, regulation's requirements, If you join to Japanese market, this standard will help to make compliance operations. This standard confirmed by the Government, MIC as Telecom authority and NPA, Police agency.

This standard form is permitted to use for only JUSA members.

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