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About JUSA

JUSA, The Japan Unified Communication Service Provider Association has been established on 2019 May, by some founders who are VoIP, Cloud PBX, Telephony, SMS service providers. 

Discussion with Foreign Governments and Organizations

We are a non-profit coalition of any communication service providers We have been established since 2019 and have been specialized in Telephony-Voice, Non-Telephony voice, Telecom, Mobile, Access line and Internet access. We are very welcome to your visiting us and any discussion or exchange information around these fields. Please don't hesitate to contact us for anything discussion or surveying of you. We are looking forward to meeting with you.

Our specialize (example)

  • Service situation in Japan

    • Voice service, Telephony service.

  • Telecom policy, Fixed field

    • Access line; NGN, Fiber optics wholesale

    • Interconnection with PSTN

    • Telephone voice standard

    • Telephone numbering structure

    • Internet usage and network structure​

  • Telecom policy, Mobile field​

    • Interconnection​ with MNOs

    • Data unbundling

    • Voice unbundling and SMS

    • General policy for 4G and 5G​​

Language: Japanese or English


Board members

  • Chair

    • Kuniaki Kondo (Mr.)

  • ​Vice Chair

    • ​Satoshi Kimura​ (Mr.)
  • ​Vice Chair​​
    • ​​Takefumi Oka (Mr.)​
  • Senior Director​

    • Ryohei Okada (Mr.)​


  • Policy Department

    • Chair; Ryosuke Okada​ (Mr.)

      • Government policy, Regulatory, Consumer protections.

  • Service and Product Department

    • Chair; Satoshi Kimura​ (Mr.)

      • Service/Product standardization, Prevention for Criminal usage, Classification of providers and products.