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Who we are

JUSA, The Japan Unified Communication Service Provider Association has been established on 2019 May, by some founders who are VoIP, Cloud PBX, Telephony, SMS service providers. 


General incorporation Japan Unified communications Service Provider Association (JUSA)​


1-21-19, Tokyu Tranomon BLDG, Toranomon, Minato-ku, 105-0001, Tokyo, Japan

Secretariat contact

sec ((atmark)) 


The Japan Unified Communications Service Provider Association (JUSA)


 Since the market liberalization by privatization of telecommunication in 1985, telecommunication service in Japan has achieved great development by utilizing the vitality and wisdom of the private sector and realized the reduction in the price. In the meantime, telecommunication, such as mobile phones and the Internet that spread widely to the people, has played an important role as an essential infrastructure in Japan. Furthermore, telecommunication continue to change our lives and economic activities by realization of innovative technologies and services, such as spread of IoT, AI and the introduction of OTT that does not depend on communication infrastructure.

 Fixed-line serviceses have a long history of over a hundred years in Japan. Although it occupied the mainstream of communication as the service with the world's largest infrastructure that enable to communicate with every citizen only by the numerical identity at the time of market liberalization, currently, the number of subscribers and traffic volume are on a downward trend. However, even though the use of fixed-line telephones has decreased, the need for voice communication has not declined. Rather, we are convinced that the needs of people have shifted to more advanced, enjoyable and denser communication due to the introduction of voice communication with video and various data. Now is the time for telecommunications carriers to create and develop new communication services through sound service competition by capturing the changing needs of society, and by utilizing new infrastructure and technology including the Internet.


 We are going to establish The Japan Unified Communications Service Association (JUSA) with the aim of contributing to the promotion of public welfare and improvement of the living standards of the people through the creation and development of a new generation of communication services that take advantage of the strengths of the world-wide telephone network through fair competition, while harmonizing with society.

2019 May


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