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TNSP: Telephone Number Suspension Program
- Elite Telephony Operator Certification -

The JUSA (Japan Unified Communications Association) has announced the Telephone numbers suspension program (TNSP, called The JUSA Elite Operator program) with MIC (Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications) and NPA (National Police Agency)

Co-Public Announcement by the JUSA, MIC, and NPA, on Dec 28, 2022.

  • JUSA Press release [Link]

  • MIC Press release [Link]

  • NPA Press release [Only PR paper distribution, No website

What is the TNSP (Elite operator) program?

  • Elite Operators are admitted as trusted operators. TNSP program is mandatory program to become Elite.

  • Elite Operators suspend PNs of customers or resale operators by the police orders whatever claiming from customers/resale operators.

  • Elite Operators keep confidentialities , they won't share the information with customers or any third party entities.

This regulatory framework aims; 

  • To distingish trusted/untrusted operators.

  • Their customers understand the untrusted entities then trusted operators suspend if they have any troubles. ​

The JUSA Elite operator program confirms UC operators to remain to TN supplement from Gov., otherwise, usual operators have a huge risk of being suspended their own TNs by police order.

What is the benefit of becoming Elite operators?

  • Elite operators won't be revoked TNs inventory from NPA and MIC. This helps the stabilities of TNs supplement and TNs inventory security.

  • Some operators provide their TNs to only Elite operators.

  • This measure supports Govment's challenge to make a "Clean TNs supply chain with only trusted operators"

How to get the Elite operators certification?

You can become an Elite operator with followoing steps. However each steps have security clearlance.

  1. Become a JUSA member

  2. Apply to the Elite operator

  3. Once approved by JUSA, MIC, and NPA, The operators become "Elite Operators"

Is there any roadmap for this program?

  • This program is expected to expand strongly to build telecom market with Elite operators.​

  • Plan is under discussion beween JUSA and Gov.

Join us:

​Please contact JUSA if you are interested in this program.


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